Installation and Operation of the KC3EEY/W2NAF VLF Reception System

TitleInstallation and Operation of the KC3EEY/W2NAF VLF Reception System
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2022
AuthorsRizzo, J, Frissell, NA
Conference NameHamSCI Workshop 2022
Date Published03/2022
Conference LocationHuntsville, AL

A VLF Reception System was installed at the W2NAF KC3EEY VLF Observatory located in Springbrook, PA. The VLF preamp/antenna is based on the s1-1 design by Paul Nicholson, author of vlfrx-tools, which is encased in a PVC pipe. The signal is recorded using an Audio Injector Stereo soundcard and Raspberry Pi with vlfrx-tools recording and monitoring the signal. The system has a wide variety of science and amateur uses. A confirmed QSO of SAQ was made on Christmas Eve. QSOs from the Dreamers Band below 9 kHz were also confirmed using weak signal detection and EbNaut decoding. Possible effects from the January 15th, 2022 Tonga underwater volcano eruption were also observed along with VLF/ELF data from outside sources will be presented.

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