The Radio JOVE Project 2.0

TitleThe Radio JOVE Project 2.0
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsHiggins, C, Fung, S, Garcia, L, Thieman, J, Sky, J, Typinski, D, Flagg, R, Brown, J, Reyes, F, Gass, J, Dodd, L, Ashcraft, T, Greenman, W, Blair, S
Conference NameHamSCI Workshop 2022
Date Published03/2022
Conference LocationHuntsville, AL

Radio JOVE is a well-known public outreach, education, and citizen science project using radio astronomy and a hands-on radio telescope for science inquiry and education. Radio JOVE 2.0 is a new direction using radio spectrographs to provide a path for radio enthusiasts to grow into citizen scientists capable of operating their own radio observatory and providing science-quality data to an archive. Citizen scientists will have opportunities for presenting and publishing scientific papers. Radio JOVE 2.0 uses more capable software defined radios (SDRs) and spectrograph recording software as a low-cost ($300) radio spectrograph that can address more science questions related to heliophysics, planetary and space weather science, and radio wave propagation. Our goals are: (1) Increase participant access and expand an existing radio spectrograph network, (2) Test and develop radio spectrograph hardware and software, (3) Upgrade the science capability of the data archive, and (4) Develop training modules to help a hobbyist become a citizen scientist. We will overview Radio JOVE 2.0 and give a short demonstration of the new radio spectrograph using the SDRplay RSP1A receiver with a dipole antenna and the associated Radio-Sky Spectrograph (RSS) software.

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