Characterization of Sporadic E Propagation in WSPRNet Spot Records

TitleCharacterization of Sporadic E Propagation in WSPRNet Spot Records
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2021
AuthorsZhou, J
Conference NameHamSCI Workshop 2021
Date Published03/2021
Conference LocationScranton, PA (Virtual)

WSPRNet is a centralized database that collects spot records from amateur radio stations operating weak digital modes. Each of the spot records provides SNR, transmitting power, and geographic information, which can be used to estimate transmission paths. While WSPRNet has primarily used to study propagation paths for HF bands, putative sporadic E propagations at VHF bands have been reported. This on-going exploratory analysis aims to characterize possible Sporadic E Propagations captured in WSPRNet records and possible correlations with solar and other weather conditions. Preliminary results confirms a lack of correlation between sporadic E propagation and F10.7 indices. The geographic distribution pattern of putative sporadic E propagation and its relationship with other space weather indices will be discussed.

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